Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wisdom Series ch5

I continue the study of Proverbs and gaining wisdom for our lives in Proverbs chapter 5:

After reading chapter 5, I get that we are to strive for the more long term wisdom and understanding instead of momentary gratification that ends up bringing misery and unsatisfaction. I see this in verses 3-14 when the scriptures speak of the adultress and the danger and misery that she brings. I believe this to not only mean the literal adultery but the choice of going for what you think feels good for the moment and doing the right things which will bring good in your life in the long term. The more you work toward the long term by using the elements of wisdom you become a wise person.

In verses 15-23 the scriptures speak of "drinking from your own cistern" and having your own wife satisfy you. I see this as saying enjoy what you have and what God has given you. Curve your desire to always have more because this will lead you away and make you unwise.

After looking at Proverbs chapter 5 does anything else come to you? Please comment! Thanks


joni said...

ouch. i'm guilty of this. :(

Telika said...

Joni we all fall guilty of this from time to time don't condemn yourself. Just remember the next time you encounter a temptation think about whether you want to be a wise person or not. I know that helps me. I think that God lead me to study this because many of us see wisdom as book smarts and not as much as true wisdom in God. I am guilty of this as well.
Thanks for commenting!!!
God Bless