Monday, April 17, 2006

Wisdom Series ch4

Today I continue my series on gaining more wisdom for our lives from Proverbs chapter 4.

As a child should be obedient and attentative to their parents word's we should be that way with our Father God in heaven. We should trust the teaching of the Lord and love it. We should meditate on it and obey it. Keep His words in our heart and our minds and strive to find understanding when we are confused by it. Vs. 1-9

Wisdom equals full life. Full life is long, abundant, peaceful and smooth. The opposite will be the life of darkness, violence and confusion. Vs. 10-19

When your eyes are opened to wisdom don't close them. Always look towards being wise even when you make a mistake, acknowledge it, repent and come back. Try harder to conquer your weaknesses instead of accepting them and you will find health and happiness. Vs.20-26

There will be many choices and people in life who will come at you from one side or the other (the "left" or the "right") take neither. Take the words and the view of the Lord. Vs. 27

After reading Proverbs Chapter 4, did you get anything else? Please comment! Thanks

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