Monday, April 24, 2006

Wisdom Series ch 8

Open your Bibles to Proverbs Chapter 8 and continue the study with me into gaining wisdom.

You have to desire to be truly wise and to take the necessary steps to capture true wisdom in the Lord. Wisdom is the essence of life and what should be the goal of all the children of God. Vs. 1-5,17

When you seek and find wisdom you:
1.will say the right things at the right situations, only good things will come out of your mouth.(you don't put your foot in it.) vs. 6-8
2. will have true riches vs.10-11,18-19,21
3. hate evil and not find yourself tempted to it vs. 12-13
4. have power vs.14-16
5. Justice will prevail for you vs.20

Wisdom is possessed by God and in the very beginning of the world wisdom was established. vs.22-31
All those who strive for wisdom and listen to the words of God will be blessed and favored. vs. 32-36


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joni said...

ouch (again). hehe.. I remember one or two years ago, i used to incessantly pray to God to grant me wisdom. hmm, im not sure how that turned out. hehe. But of course the work is still undone. I'm still a work in progress. Thanks for sharing! :)