Thursday, February 08, 2007

Until I learn (poetry)

Until I Learn
by Telika Howard 2/07

Dear God
I'm not at the point
where I see any answers
and that's okay
because I'm grateful for your
as I keep falling behind
your love keeps me in line
and I finally see why
I have not seen
my dreams and
why things happen bit by bit
I must continue to keep my heart
and desire toward you
don't bless me abundantly
until I grow some more
don't give me my dream
Until I see properly
don't open the windows
until I learn
until I learn
and I will be a better person for it.
Romans 5:3-5
1 peter 5:10

I Hope I Don't Scare You
by Telika Howard 2/07

If you look at me as an example
take the evolution seen
and the unlimited possibilitiesof my life
dont be afraid of where I'm at now
but where I'm gonna be
soon I will flee
all of this
using my faith as wings
only pay attention to that-
my wings
not my cage
and follow me in my faith
don't avoid where I've been come walk with me
without sight
2nd corinthians 6:10

Today I Know
by Telika Howard 2/07

I'm gonna write
writings that will
unlock hearts
and create steps for others to climb
simple letters, words together
put just right by my hands and
lead by the spirit
I know it will be more
more then the stars
can contain
and if this happens
after I die
ripped pieces of paper taped together
80 years from now
it wouldn't matter
because today I know
my destiny
1 timouthy 4:11-16