Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wisdom Series ch 3

I now continue with the study of Proverbs for gaining wisdom in our lives.

Proverbs Chapter 3

What you learn from the words of God whether in church, Bible, or through the spirit, use it and don't lose it. Vs. 1,3,21

Do not rely on your own teaching or the world's teaching but the teaching of God will bring true wisdom. Vs. 5-7,19-20,

You are wise when you are kind and loving to others around you and generous. vs. 3,9, 27-30

You have truly found wisdom when you enjoy being corrected and punished because you know it brings change for the better in your life. vs. 11-12

You are wise when you don't envy the ways of the world and the people who follow the world. vs.31-34

The benefits of wisdom:
long life vs. 2,16
Peace and happiness in your life vs. 2,17,18
find favor in God and others around you vs. 4
healing of your bodyvs. 8
you will be rich both physically and spiritually vs. 10,14-16
you will be secure free from fear and worry vs. 23-26
You will be honored vs. 35

Would you like to add anyting to proverbs chapter 3 please comment! thanks

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Esther said...

I think that you have covered it all ready but I love this verse Proverbs 3:6 I n all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths,I have learned that no matter how many mistakes I make giving God repentance and humbleness of the heart sbould be our goal you can never climb to high in God to fall back down again.If you humble yourself and bow before him he will catch your fall. In all your ways acknowledge him. !!!