Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Starting Over

Sometimes when I have really messed up one day I feel incredibly guilty the next day, and the next day. But I learned something during a women's Christian convention I went to that I don't have to keep beating myself up. That God forgives and forgets and that's the way He wants us to be to each other. I still forget that sometimes especially when you have people upset with you for longer then one day. Any person who is in Christ is a new creature, the old things has passed away and all things has become new again.( 2nd Corinthians 5:17) I see that scripture as not just once when you become saved but everyday that you come to Christ in prayer and repentance you are a new creature. I know some say that isn't fair because some people intentionally sin because they can have their slate wiped clean again. Well I believe God knows your heart and he knows when someone comes with true repentance. I also believe that if you truly accepted Christ into your heart the desire to sin is gone and what you do, you regret because you know that Christ's love transcends throughout your body.

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