Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Raising a large family

This is a submission to Chicago Parent short section about raising a large family

I have four children, which to many may not seem like much but I think that its there close-together-still-a-baby ages that make it especially difficult.
My oldest is an extremely energetic, wears his heart on his sleeve 6 year old little boy, then there is my daddy's apple pie with ice cream on top 4 year old little girl. Next is my Atomic bomb baby boy who is two and last is my always smiling, imitating, and bubbling 8 month old little girl.
The most interesting thing about being the mother of all these characters is that I never have a hand free. Because of that, I have found the most unique ways to use my mouth, toes, knees and even my butt.
I have opened and poured a gallon of milk with my mouth as well as unlatching my nursing bra. I have used my toes to turn on the television, scratch a back and rock a cradle. My knees came in handy when blocking a running a child or bouncing a crying one.(Acutally I have done both things at one time) and my butt has, believe it or not, been used to pick up and carry one of my kids.
so far, I have learned that when raising a large family there are no life rules. Anything pretty much goes and the strangest things become the norm.

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