Sunday, June 03, 2007

Joyce Meyer at My Church Today

I was awesomely blessed today to see Joyce Meyer speak live for the first time when she became the guest speaker at my church. I experienced many small blessing that turned into one large blessing of a day today.

It all started this morning I got up early and dressed and waited for my mother to drive me because we planned to attend together. (my mother don't go to church as often.) My car is broken down so us going together is a blessing all around. But then my mother called to cancel because my younger sister who's expecting soon didn't think she would make it back in time for her babyshower at 2p.m. My sister threw a fit and didn't care that I may not have a ride there even though she knew clearly how excited I was and I how much I looked forward to going. So my mother gave in to her and I was so upset, I cried. But then my husband gave me money to take the train and the cab so that I could attend. (money I didn't know he had by the way) I still was griping on the inside thinking about how wrong my sister was to do me like this at the last minute when she knew this was our plans. (church ends at 12 her shower was at 2 there was plenty of time.) I even decided to not attend her shower when I got back but to just send her gift.

So ofcourse God being a wonderfully loving God who listens and teaches, dealt with me about this, and Joyce Meyer's teaching was "Get over yourself." I learned that we should go about God's business of loving others and putting others before ourselves that God will do for you. She also talked about how we shouldn't depend on people but with God's help. She gave the most awesome illustration of something that happened in her life when she was upset with her husband, Dave Meyer who went golfing and she was feeling down. so instead of griping and yelling at him she talked to God. She told him plainly how she was feeling and she knew that she shouldn't be so bothered but she needed help. So the next day she found her bed full of gifts from Dave and she said that that meant more knowing that it came from God then from Dave doing it out of guilt after she yelled and screamed at him.

The message hit my heart and I understood. So I became the bigger person and dealt with my feelings of my sister to God and I am depending on Him because God will never cancel on me at the last minute and God is never selfish and God promises to never leave nor forsake me. I attended her shower and had a good time and I am believing that God will teach her and grow her up spiritually. (Hebrews 13:5)

"There's no where in the Bible that I can find that the Bible tells us to put our expectations in people, It says we are to expect God."-Joyce Meyer direct quote from today's teaching

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karen said...

wow- that was really powerful. i loved her quote at the end.