Sunday, May 20, 2007


I know it's late but I had a busy day today and I wanted to make sure I blogged today to celebrate two years of writing in this blog! I decided to celebrate by posting this song by the Shekinah Glory Ministry singing the song Say Yes. I love the song and If I wouldn't have said yes I wouldn't have this blog because when I first decided to start a blog it wasn't intended to be all Christian and some of the things that came to me to write surprised myself and made me nervous about other's reactions. But nevertheless I said Yes to His will and I have had many e-mail of people telling me how they see things differently as Christians, that it's not about being judgemental and overly righteous and they see God the way He wants them to see Him as the all loving, all merciful, all forgiving God. Below are links to my one year and my first blog thanks for reading and celebrating with me!


if you are having a hard time with the music you can listen to it on my myspace

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