Friday, June 15, 2007

Pray for your seed in good soil

I was reading over one of Jesus most well-known parables in Matthew 3. This is also a unique parable because this is one of the rare times Jesus explained it Himself. I think that I represented each one of these seeds during my walk in Christ. The one that fell beside the road and the birds ate them up, which means I would hear the Word of God and not understand it and not try to gain understanding of what I heard so the devil came and snatched it up and kept it from growing in my life. I also was once the seed that fell in the rocky places with little soil and grew but was scorched because I had no root, this is when I would hear preaching or read a scripture that would get me excited but didn't hold on to it and as soon as I had problems I lost it. My seed also fell among thorns and I would hear the Word but felt like if I followed it I wouldn't fit in to what others were doing around me and the Word became choked and unfruitful. But I now pray and continue to focus on my seed falling on good soil. That I hear the Word, understand it, and bear fruit from it. That God's Words, I continue to study and take to heart everyday, holds strong and multiplies abundantly into many blessings. This would be a good thing to pray after you read the Bible, or attend church service, just say "God may what I learned fall on good soil. Amen."

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