Thursday, September 29, 2005

All About Lyfe

I recently came across an intriguing article about Lyfe Jennings, an R&B singer.(Sister 2 Sister 10/2005) He was sent to an adult prison at the age of 15 for 10 years and still managed to have faith and make the best out of his life.

In the interivew, he spoke about how he finished high school and college in prison and didn't give up on his life. While in the prison yard of Richland, Mansfield, he would sing with some inmates and gained attention from the warden. The warden asked him to do shows for the inmates and in turn gained attention from the NAACP. He spoke about how he prayed for guidance in his singing career and in prison. With no doubt God answered him. Lyfe continued to move up in his dream of becoming a singer when a tape of one of his performances at the prison made it to the Apollo, a well-known and historic talent show. Once paroled, He gained a music contract and produced a successful cd titled Lyfe 268-192. I have not heard his cd but, according to Sister 2 Sister magazine, he is being compared to late greats such as Sam Cooke and Al Green. He is also in the process of educating children about making good choices in life through a children's book series.

This article made me feel good that the hopeless prison stories that we often hear on the media about guys in prison who rape, shank, maime, kill and never become a productive member of society are not always true. Lyfe never tells what he did to get into prison for most of his youth but it doesn't matter because God doesn't see what he has done but what he is doing to receive His blessings.

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