Monday, September 12, 2005

No Comment

As you can see, I don't receive many comments on my blog. My visitors are also few and far in between. But do that upset me, do I feel like giving up on my blog because of it? No way! I am so blessed by the little comments I do get. From a woman saying that I helped her realize a fear she needs to get over, to a more recent person who was lead to repentance, I am so blessed by it all! I see my blog as an avenue for God's use. Whoever He sends here to learn what He has taught me through the Holy Spirit is all I need. I don't care if I ever get noticed or rich because what I do is not for my glory but for His. Sometimes I would think about my poetry and stories that I write and wonder, what would I do if I my writing doesn't get noticed or published until after I die? Would that be a bad thing? God's timing is perfect. He has a use for everyone and when He is ready to use you, He will. So, to all those who feel unnoticed as they volunteer for many hours for their church, or are frustrated because they haven't received their rightful recognition for donations they have given, just remember the most important thing is giving to the kingdom of God for His glory.

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1st Corinthians 10:31

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Anonymous said...

It also takes time to build up an audience and as you say, it's all in the Lord's hand!!

The thing is, that your comments show that you are a person that knows their Savior......that is what makes this so attractive for me and I'm sure eventually others!

Bertrand Russell, the famous Athiest, said that though he wasn't a believer, that when he spoke to people that professed Christ, that he wanted to SEE that they believed!!! That Christ was real in their lives!!
And I see that with you.......I am a struggling Christian that is always amazed and touched by the brethren that KNOW their Savior....that is what the World needs today.......people that KNOW and that those people share this Truth that is the most important reality in the history of the Universe!

I am getting there......but I am not there yet by any means....

Devon in Calgary