Saturday, September 17, 2005

The "Look" of a Christian

I remember the first time me and my husband were attending different churches to find a church home. One Sunday, we tried a large traditional church and stood out like eye soars. My husband with his large afro, pierced hooped ears and large tatooed arms, me in my summer dress showing off my name in quotes permanently written on my shoulder, holding an infant and two more toddlers trailing behind me. We were a typical family, we read to our children, prayed together and love God but it didn't look that way to others. We were already saved but were approached by many to receive salvation"the proper way."

Even to this day people don't assume that I am a person who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Is it that I don't wear floor length dresses and keep a Bible in my arms at all times? Could it be that I don't quote scripture in every conversation? We as Christians need to stop adding quota to people who are trying hard to have a relationship with Christ. That's how you scare others away. I believe that doing the right things shoudn't be forced. Christ will speak to you and tell you what needs changing in your life, and if you truly love Him you will. It's not making a list of how to be the perfect Christian and then condemning yourself if you haven't done it all. (Or condemning others if you see them making mistakes.) Remember the scriptures in the Bible about the woman committing adultery? Jesus could've easily condemned her but instead he told those who wanted to punish her to check themselves first, and then he freed her.(John 8:3-11) Try this, instead of shaking your heads at someone, tell them something that will uplift them or help them. Relate to them your uphill battle as a Christian. That's what loving our brothers and sisters is all about.


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