Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happiness vs. Joy

What makes a person happy? You can be happy when you get a promotion at your job, or when you get an unexpected gift from your spouse. A beautiful sunny day or your favorite item that you buy regularly at the store going on sale for half off, that can make you happy. I am particularly happy when my husband decides to spend all weekend at home with me and not with his friends. I am very happy when I get a compliment on my writing. This is all happiness.

Joy is not made, it is there. You have joy when it is deep in your spirit and doesn't want to leave. Joy comes when you know that God is there for you even when you lose your job or your spouse forgets your birthday. Joy is there on rainy days and when you don't have enough money to spend at the store and prices are through the roof. Joy knows that you will be happy again.

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Anonymous said...

Joy is knowing that God chose me first. A chosen generation a royal priest hood!

God Bless