Tuesday, July 24, 2007


On Your Christian Space (a myspace for christians) someone offered to send free copies of this dvd of the Because of the Times Conference featuring Matt Maddix. They were ranting and raving about it so I sent them my address to get it. Yesterday I received in the mail and watched it and was awed! Matt Maddix is a very young and inspiring preacher. He was talking about how we need to get addicted to winning souls! He delivered in his message in a very unique and awe inspiring way! (He jumped on his podium (causing all the elders to run and hold it down) and did summersaults in the aisles for starters. He talked about how we need to get out there and preach the Word of God to people. This forever changed my attitude. I would think well maybe my writing is changing someone, or I saved someone through my myspace...Now I have been condemned for that thinking! I have to go out and save someone! Matt Maddix talked about giving something up until you have won a soul to the Lord, so I decided to give up watching tv until I have preached to someone the good news of Jesus Christ! I am eager to share this! The first person to read this blog and e-mail me telika8@elitemail.org with your information, I will mail this dvd to you. I wish I can do more but I don't have the technology to make copies of the dvd. I promise this will change your views on evangelism! So hurry and e-mail me!

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