Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Talking to your problems

Today I woke up in the dumps. Just thinking about financial problems and this and that and I began to sink. But then I remember what's the best way to immediately raise yourself up again. I didn't feel like it at first but I just began doing it and I began feeling better and better. I spoke out loud to my problems. I said, "you will not get me down, God is my father and He loves me and will make a way." I continued to say, "God loves me so much more then the birds and yet they are fed and taken care of" I began to speak aloud scripture like, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" Some may say this sounds crazy, but it really isn't. It makes you feel great and reminds you the truth when the devil start sneaking in lies. So try it! I bet you will get great results.
Below is a poem I wrote on just this subject:

Talk To It
By Telika Howard

words as a weapon
speaking your shots
to kill your fears
and your doubts
say out loud
what you know you know
that eventually
you will receive and grow
Don't believe the lies
that you won't make it
declare the truth
you're not crazy
it's crazy to wallow
in your sorrows
pick up your voice
and reign your cheers
your problem will flee
when it hear

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Esther said...

I think that as long as we are in this world we will always have issues. Thank God that our God is bigger and greater than our problems. I know that the lord will make a way somehow. Your right if he can take care of the preciouse lillies how much more will he do for those he loves . Be prayerful preciouse he knows what you stand in the need of. your sister in christ!