Friday, February 03, 2006

End the Race

I wonder when our spirits leave our bodies and we live in paradise with God and Christ will we be able tell what race was each spirit before Jesus called us home. Will there be debates in heaven that one spirit came from a certain race and therefore will have a poor corner of heaven? Or will God have us grouped apart by what bodies we had and what politics we followed and have a different love for the each of us. Ofcourse not!

So why do we act like this here on earth? Especially Christians should know better. So let's all get hung up on who's White and how they act or what they get or who's Black and what they deserve. God sees two kinds of people. Those who are His children and those who He desire to become His children.

Satan wants us to be hung up on the superficial so that we stop blessing others with the word of God. How many times you turned away from someone because of race or politics? When have you walked past a group of people and shook your head at them instead of coming by saying God loves you! Those people may reject you, but continue to pray for them and believe in the power of God.

It's sad to see so many blogs pulling people apart with their heated messages of condemning others. We all make mistakes. If someone wanted to focus on all the mistakes we make and write a blog about it, I bet they could. Let's bring together unity. Unity through Jesus Christ.

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Galatians 3:28

If you are not saved, change your life and become a blessed child of God by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord of your life.(e-mail me if you need more help becoming saved


Anonymous said...
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Telika said...

Please discuss business with me through e-mail. If your comment doesn't involve this blog and what I discuss on this blog please don't comment on it. Thank you

TANYA said...

I could sure use some help becoming saved. I am committed to Jesus Christ, have accepted Him as my savior, and was once baptized and then confirmed in the Catholic church. I don't go to that church anymore. I am shopping for a new church. I do not have many friends in Christ yet, but I hope to find a community of believers for me to support and to be supported.

Clarissa said...

This is so true. The Lord doesn't see us as races or disabilities or by our political view, he sees us as His children. I see in my life at times I do look at others differently; I ask myself why?; I am no better than them for we all have sinned. i think I will embrace your challenge and spread the love of God to others I normally wouldn't be around, to put aside the fear of that rejection and down talk. Thank you for referring me to this really made me think and evoked a change/challenge in my life. God Bless you and I will try to keep you informed about how it goes. Again thanks and GBU!