Monday, February 13, 2006

Beyond It All February's Issue!

Finally the Feb issue is out. I take a very poignant view on love and sex and the truth in it. I wanted to step out of the box of popular magazines and not keep teens in the belief that they have to rush off and meet the love of their life or they are missing out on something. I also take a different direction from other Christian magazines who simply say don't do it, by adding in my own experiences and relating on their level. I love the quiz. I think that we don't encourage teens to volunteer as much and it's centered around what they would enjoy doing when helping someone else.

I have had some controversy from certain writers who I told to cool down the preachiness because I wanted my magazine to also appeal to non-Christian teens so that it could be avenue for them to find Christ themselves. But it's hard for some adults to truly relate to a teen and their problems without pointing their finger. God is everywhere and in everything we do and I like to take everyday situations and bring out a positive biblical solution to them without them outright knowing it. Don't get me wrong I do cite scripture and I do mention Jesus but it's not overwhelming.

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