Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cost of My Oil

The room grew still As she made her way to Jesus, She stumbled throuh the tears That make her blind She felt such pain Some spoke in anger Heard folks whisper There's no place here for her kind until on she came Through the shame that flushed her face until at last she knelt before his feet And though she spoke no words Everything she said was heard As she poured her love for the master From her box of Alabaster And I've come to pour My praise on Him like oil From Mary's Alabaster Box Don't be angry if I wash His feet with my tears And I dry them with my hair You weren't there the night He found me You did not feel what I felt When He wrapped His loving arms around me And you don't know the cost Of the oil in my Alabaster box

For those who don't know, the above is lyrics from CeCe Winans, a gospel singer's, Alabaster box. I was thinking about this song while listening to it the other day and thought how true it is. That people don't know what other Christians have been through and how much God has forgiven them. We tend to look at others and see what they are doing wrong or has done wrong and then criticize when they speak of the love they have for God or that they go to church. Hypocrites! we may think and shake our heads silently glad we aren't like them. But actually we are. Jesus died for our sins as well as theirs. God sees all sins as the same. He doesn't see one sin worst then the other. Sin equals death.(Ezekial 18:4, Romans 6:23) Jesus is the way from that death, plain and simple. But some religious people want to make it more complicated then that. They want people to be condemned and jump through hoops to become saved. It just doesn't seem fair, right? Who cares what seems fair to you. God is in charge. He controls what goes on. He says who deserves punishment and who doesn't. David cheated with Bathsheba, He murdered her husband. He then asked for forgiveness but the child that Bathsheba was carrying died. And despite his grief David praised God. and God in turn blessed them with a child that grew to be one of the wisest people in the Bible.(2nd Samuel 11 and 12:1-24) We can help each other as Christians and pray for them but we are not called to judge. Remember what God has commanded you, Love Him with everything and love each other.

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