Monday, October 10, 2005

anyone with publishing experience?

I feel God calling me to start my own Christian magazine. But I don't know exactly where to start. Is there anyone with experience that can throw a few pointers my way? e-mail me


Rosalynn said...

I know about publishing books. I've had 4 published. Lesson number one, I call Murphy's law: don't sign up with a publishing broker. What he does is print your book, takes his 10% and costs of publishing, then it is up to you to sell the book yourself with all the marketing and so forth. The publishing broker will suggest the price, may claim the publishing rights to the book, or have you sign a contract to work with him for a length of time, using only him for the books you write.
Murphy's law #2 A publisher will buy your book for one big lump sum, but you may be logged into showings, marketing, and may get 'cents' per book as added royalty.
Murphy's law #3: It's best to set one's own conditions, if you know that you book/magazine is good. Once you establish this, then I strongly suggest you keep your publishing rights, but go along with all the other stuff. In the long run, you'll never have to rushing to write that next book.

Angela said...

I would be willing to write for you, but I am curious as to whether you have the resources right now to start a publication. Being that you are currently employed in a new job, how much time is really available to work on this publication? Do you have experience with QuarkXpress or other desktop publishing software? Whose going to do the layout? How often is the magazine going to be published? What about advertising? How much is a subscription going to cost? Do you have the economic resources and time to start a new magazine company?

I would start local. Talk to people in your church who might be interested in working with you. It'd probably be easier to start the magazine in a newsletter format. With that, you could easily bring the files to a local printing company, possibly even OfficeMax copy center or something.

I have experience with publishing a newsletter. My dad took over the newsletter of a local men's group and was in way over his head so he asked me to create the newsletter. I was able to use word though it really made the alignment of the text work.

You'd probably want to advertise with local youth groups. Give out a free sample and create a subscription form.

I'd be willing to help and write, but I will say this much. I am Catholic and I know that there is a lot of anti-Catholicism in the US. Catholics are Christian.

Here's the scans of the newsletter I created last year:

you can email me at

Telika said...

angela thank you for your concern but I have everything covered. I am working with the Independant Press Association of Chicago and they are helping to cover the big things. I am also in the running for several grants. ( I am just finishing up another one today) But thank you for your suggestions and your help!

jayred said...

I think good content (write-ups and photos) and good presentation (layout style, overall design) are the key elements to publishing success.

I used to work for a newspaper as a photojournalist. But there were graphic artists in charge of the presentation.

Christopher Cannady said...

Hey, I was wanting to help with the writing based of the ad i saw posted on a freelance website, but my email server dosent seem to like yours and i cant get an email through... If you still need writers email me at chrisscannady @ gmail . com