Monday, October 10, 2005

Am I naive?

Some would say that I am naive to expect people to look pass others faults and simply love them. That I sound like a child when I insist that people not focus on politics or what ones political beliefs are but on their love for Jesus Christ. Even some shake their heads when I mention letting your problems and the world problems go and simply pray and believe that God will take care of it all.

I think this is exactly what Christ meant in Matthew 18:3-4, when He asks us to become like little children to receive the kingdom of Heaven. He continues to teach that if we must humble ourselves like little children. I believe most adults think too much. We try to add to scripture and reason with our lives. We try to explain away why we must worry and scream and be stressed out when we come to problems in our lives. I look at my children and see exactly what Christ meant. They blindly obey me. What I teach them now they know as truth and they don't question me. That is how God desires us to be with Him! He wants us to not question when he tells us to tithe before we pay the bills. He wants us not to shake our heads and reason with Him when He asks us to love someone who has different beliefs then us. God controls this world and He has plans. He has blessings for all of us. But to receive these blessings, to receive the kingdom we must train ourselves to become His children.

So, if thinking like a child of God is naive then that's fine with me.


Peter said...

thank you for your words of wisdom this morning. (oh, and i think the word is naive - isn't it?)

Telika said...

thank you i typed the blog in a rush and wasn't thinking i am going to fix that now God bless

Kathy said...

Again, your words struck a chord with me. I agree that our children follow our example and our every word, but up to a certain age. Then, as they are exposed to the rest of the world, they start to question our teachings. I think that is the way it should be. They must find their own answers as to how to deal with life as they find it. We give them the foundation and they go out and apply it to their experiences. Sometimes, especially as they get older, there are conflicts. I see that as part of the learning process. As long as our attitudes and postions don't change, they will have some stability to fall back on.
I believe God knows we are going to struggle with His teachings and trying to apply them to the "real" world. He knows we are going to stray from the path He has laid for us. But when we do, and teens don't have the corner on this market, He is ALWAYS there, never changing, always loving, always welcoming. Sometimes, even the best parents struggle with those.
Thank you for your words and for rekindling my own faith in my God by making me think.

Anonymous said...

I'm only 20 years old and I've often encountered older adults with families and children like yourself who have blown me off when I tell them about being like a child. Needless to say I find it a blessing and refreshing to see an adult with all the pressures of this world still in love with our beautiful God. My prayer is that as God blesses me with a family of my own I would not loose the child inside me and that I may always be desperately seeking my father like a kid.