Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Chance to Share

Okay so while on my profile at yourchristianspace ,I found out that yourchristianspace will be having podcasts for Christians to post and get their word out to the millions of users on itunes. It will be their own 30 minute podcast made up of people just like me and you! Below I copied the information. I encourage all to participate with positive, blessed words and to use this avenue to let your light shine across the cyber world. I definitely will be submitting my words regularly.

I am pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing our first YCS Podcast The YCS Podcast will be around 30 minutes and will feature music, prayer, interviews and phone-ins. There will also be competitions with prizes but in future Podcasts.For now, all members who wish to appear on our first ever Podcast you have the chance to call and leave us a voice message and we will feature you. The number to call is 1-206-309-7394When you call you will be greeted by an automated message that will explain to you when to record your message, it's fun and easy so go ahead and give us a call and give us your very special salute and say hi to your friends!When you leave a message, please do mention your name and your YCS username. Tell us about yourself, your hobbies, your school, what you like about YCS and your of course your greeting. Tell us about your church, your friends and family and course favourite pet(s) if you have any.If you wish to say a prayer you are very welcome to do so. You can even sing if you want... the Podcast is here for us to learn from and to enjoy and have fun.For our admins and staff: It would be ideal if you could also please call to 'Salute' YCS and for us to put a voice to your profiles. For the Pastors and Reverends on our site who wish to contribute with a prayer or a reading from the bible, you are most welcome to do so. This is a perfect opportunity to reach a worldwide audience as this Podcast will be published on iTunes.I pray that most of you make use of this new feature and do make your calls so that we can produce a very exciting, entertaining and of course educational production.I wish you all as always, my warmest love and thoughts...God bless you,GaroYCSPlease Note: The phone number 1-206-309-7394 is NOT a premium service - only national rates apply Please ask permisison to use the phone from your parents or the person who pays the bill first.

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