Monday, May 07, 2007

When you're in love and ready...

When you're in love and ready is the popular response for parents to teach their children when it's okay to start having sex nowadays. I was thinking about this while reading an article about how telling teens to wait for marriage is failing. But what's really failing is this you're in love and ready mantra.Some adults past the age of 40 still don't know when they are truly in love, the kind of love that God has sent them.So there are divorces and broken hearts and STDs and unwanted pregnancies and alot of mess! So how can we expect a teenager to know? Some children as young as 13 think they are in love these days! I know this, I experienced this when I failed to realize that saving myself would have saved so many problems in my life. Men basically can say anything you want to hear to make you think that you are in love and ready and vice versa. Then you are stuck with someone who really don't care enough about you to take the extra mile to learn about the real you. That only comes about when someone is thinking about marriage. When they think about bonding with a person for the rest of their lives, they start to really get to know them and learn about them and understand them. This all should happen before sex. I am not the judgemental person. I have made mistakes that has cost me. God does forgive you of your mistakes but it doesn't take back the punishment and struggle your mistakes will ultimately put you through. It's time we take back the "in love and ready mantra" and bring back waiting! Teach your children when they are young let them know so much that by the time they are teenagers they will desire someone to want to marry them first just as they will desire going to college or being whatever they want to be when they grow up. I am dedicated to breaking this cycle with my children and I am ignoring the people who have got it in their brains that it is impossible to for a teen to save themselves nowadays. God is real and it is possible!

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