Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The "unlovable" (handling politics part two)

In last weeks blog I blogged about how we are commanded to love all and act in a loving manner toward all and God will do the rest to convince others of His righteousness. So, today I want to blog about how to love those you feel you just can't love.

The number one key may seem simple but it's something we forget in the loving department, prayer. A simple prayer about what bothers you about them or a group of people and asking God to release that from you does a world of good. Many times I walk away from a stressful situation pray to God and suddenly feel so much better. You know that sinking feeling you get at the pit of your stomach when you hear or read something that don't agree with you (or God's words which is more important) prayer takes that feeling away. It has for me many times. Your simple words to Him on how you feel and why you feel it and how you have faith God will help you and help you to witness to others who are in the dark about Him. If you are left with no words, the prayer in Colossians 1: 9-12 is perfect.

Which brings me to the next thing,
reading the Bible also helps. Read the many many many scriptures there is about love in the Bible. Reading them out loud really helps to release anger and frustration toward another. When you see how much God wants you to love Him and one another it will soften you heart. After all your number one priority should be to please Him.

Remember, "the flesh profits nothing"(John 6:63) so handling disagreements and differences by yelling and turning your back, or insulting won't profit or get your point across doing things God's way will.

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