Sunday, May 28, 2006


I am working on my June issue of Beyond It All Magazine and it is focused on temptation. I decided that that subject is perfect for the beginning of summer because it's just something about this summer sun that brings all the temptation out of the woodwork. This memorial day weekend really is what starts it. The temptation to drink with your barbecue, to dress half naked, to flirt and to spend more time hanging out then focusing on the word of God. You may think"But it's just so hard!" But it's acutally easier then you think, you just have to remember to stay focused on the love of God and remember who You are. We are children of God. Not many think about that when we are out about focused on this world and what the world provides. If we realize that God loved you so much that he paid for you with His son's blood you have more desire to want to give Him glory all the time. Everything you do, just knowing that should make you think about how you should be pleasing to Him. Just think about where you would be if He didn't love you enough to save you? Despite all the problems in this world.. you know that you aren't going to pay for your sins. That should be enough to walk away from temptation forever.

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