Thursday, May 04, 2006


This May issue was an experiment conceived by me when I realized that so many young people have a notebook stashed somewhere filled with their creative talents. I thought, why not have all the best spill over into my magazine? This experiment was a great experience because I got to read some of the best praises, triumphs, situations and life experiences put together in poetic form. I hope you find this as uplifting as I did. Congratulations to Clarissa Wilburn winning the cover for her poem "A Teens Prayer" I love the way it creatively conveys what teens sometime go through in their walk with Christ. Don't worry I didn't leave out the quiz, take it and find out if your hobbies are what's stopping you from having a rich and positive life. But that's not all! Read about Akiane Kramarik, I guarantee it will take your breath away! She is not just another child prodigy, at the age 4 she brought both of her Atheist parents to Christ from visions that she had. Through her talent and words this girl is walking proof there is a graceful and merciful God!
( I am having problems uploading pictures so I am going to try again to show the cover later If you really want to see go to the website)

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