Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Talk and Teach

My four year old daughter loves the care bears. If you don't know the care bears, they are cuddly cute pastel colored bears with smiley faces, rainbows and hearts adorning their stomachs. They reside in the sky until a child on earth is in trouble, then they come down to save them. I used to love care bears when I was a child.
Well, we were watching one of her many care bear dvds when she suddenly said, "mommy I'm going to pray that a care bear come and help me feel better."(She has a cold.) I suddenly became mortified! Not only was my child a heathen idol worshipper but she obviously have not been listening to her four years worth of Sunday school and bedtime Bible readings.
So what was my next move? Did I grab all her care bear movies and stuffed animals and toss them out of the window? Did I scream boycott the care bears! and ran to my computer so I can e-mail my church group?
No. I sat my daughter down and explained to her reality and fiction and how God is real and God is the one who live in the heavens. I talked to her about how Jesus promised to heal us with the stripes on His back. "No care bears will come and help you in your time of need, but God will."I said. She nodded her head and understood. That night, we prayed together for the healing of her cold and His blessings. We thanked God for all He has to offer us when we don't deserve it. I hoped that sunk in. If it didn't, I know I have more times to talk to her and guide her.
That incident had me thinking about how christians are against Harry Potter because of the magical elements. I think that if we as parents took the intiative to talk and teach our children what is right, fictional stories and movies such as Harry Potter wouldn't be such a threat. If we train our children in the way they should go instead of allowing the media, then we can be confident to know that they won't become devil worshippers at the sight of a children's books or cartoons. We can't lock them in the closet and burn every book or movie but we can teach them what is right and let God do the rest.
Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it."

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