Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Open Views is Okay

I was watching Bill Oreilly today and I don't know why I was torturing myself. But the fact that most of the time he has ignorant viewpoints is not what drives me crazy the most. It's the fact that he feels that he is always right and he doesn't accept anyone else's opinions. How immature! He had a guest on today for the purpose of her saying her side, a different side then him, and he kept cutting her off, yelling and doing everything toddler. You would think that this supposedly educated person with their own show would show some maturity and at least hear what someone else has to say. I am always open to someone's opinion. I also try to stay open in my beliefs and if someone brings me enough proof to change them, then I don't mind changing them. The one unique thing about me is that I don't stay stuck to shallow beliefs. If you can prove me wrong then I am open to it. I noticed many blogs of people that tend to be angry and shut out different posted comments. To me, that is not a sign of maturity. My father-in-law is atheist. He basically believes that religion is in everyone's head. Me and my family lived with him at a hard time in our lives. He was kind enough to open his home to us and I always gave him respect for that. Even though I was on the opposite side of the spectrum, I didn't preach to him and I didn't dismiss him when he preached to me. He saw me go to church, he knew I read the Bible. But I didn't blatantly throw it in his face. A few months later he was asking about coming to church with us. He didn't become saved or anything. But that just shows how a little can go along way. I firmly believe that and hold to it.

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Nicole Nichols said...

You have planted the seed. How hard that must have been not to throw Jesus in his face. Amen on your silent witness.