Monday, May 23, 2005

Lulu the opportunity

The internet's ability to globalize the world around us is endless. Even the most dedicated and knowledgeable surfers don't exactly know all of the opportunites that the internet holds. Whenever I bring up, I often receive dumbfounded looks even when I am amidst the online elite. Many people don't know that they can publish their own sky-limited ideas and get them out to the masses for next to nothing. makes you your own boss, creator, and publisher. Write a book, publish a magazine, create a great work of art. You hold all the rights and there are no limits to what you can do. You also set how much you want to sell your masterpiece for and how much your royalties will be.

I went beserk the minute I found out about lulu. All in one day, I pulled out my notebook of poetry, typed it in Microsoft word, added a title and searched my own graphics. I downloaded it all at lulu where they automatically transferred it to their software and made it available to buy. Unfortunately, I did have to pay to receive my hardcopy of my poetry book, but it was the price I made up. (You can't set your price to zero, believe me I tried)

What about libraries, bookstores, You can sell your work on much larger avenues, but you have to pay for an ISBN. An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a controlled, 10 or 13-digit identification number allowing publishers, libraries, and book dealers to locate books. You pay $35.95 for your own ISBN.

My Heart's Translation of the Word is the name of my Christian poetry book I am most proud of. You can order it at Not sure you want to order it? I provided a sample for you to check out. Lulu gives all publishers the opportunity to provide a sample for prospective buyers.

If you really think about it, this is an awesome opportunity for someone looking to motivate or uplift others around them. gives people the chance to literally change the world around them.

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