Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Urge you to bring Gospel channel back

In my myspace page I was notified about a letter from Gospel great singer Kirk Franklin. I copied it below:

What's good, God's people!I wanted to take a minute of your time to tell you about something that is very important to me
and the Christian/Gospel Music community at large. I was recently at
home in Dallas, watching the Gospel Music Channel with my family when I saw a message come across the bottom of the
screen that DirecTV will be removing the Gospel Music Channel from it's lineup
on March 14. This disturbed me as not only an artist who greatly
appreciates the opportunity to share their ministry with the world through the
vehicle of television, but also a Christian and parent who greatly appreciates
wholesome television programming that my entire family can watch and enjoy
without worrying about what images are going to pop on the screen.If DirecTV
removes Gospel Music Channel from the lineup, I do not know how many cities will
be affected. With all of the chaos and negativity in the world today, it
is important that people, Christian and non-Christians alike, have outlets they
can turn to such as Gospel Music Channel whose programming consistently speaks
of the hope, peace and love of Christ in the midst of troubled times.I am
inviting my fellow artists, industry associates, radio announcers, friends and
fans to join with me in letting DirecTV know that as paying subscribers to their
service, it is important to us to they keep the quality programming that Gospel
Music Channel offers in their channel lineup. There are two very easy ways
for you to do this. First, you can contact DirecTV at 1-800-494-4388 and
let them know that you are opposed to them removing Gospel Music Channel from

their list of channels, and it is important to you that they to continue to make
the quality and family friendly programming of Gospel Music Channel
available. Second, you can pass this along to everyone you know and have
them do the same.Let's not miss this opportunity to stand together and bring
about change for Kingdom purpose!

In Him,Kirk Franklin

Please call and don't let the Gospel Music Channel go away. I know I've enjoyed the programming and I'm sure that it has contributed to many being fed in their spirit by listening to the music that glorifies God.

*New Note! Also you can e-mail them at this link http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/customer/howToReachUs.jsp

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