Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mighty Overcomers

I heard someone talking about 9/11 and they had sighed and threw their hands up saying "what kind of world do we live in!" Out of all the crime, saddness, death and tragedies such as 9/11, it's enough to get you bogged down with anger and grief and fear. But you have to remember we as Christians are overcomers. We overcome all those people who hate us. We overcome all those who commit grotesque crimes against us. The best defense to me is going out there and filling as much people as we can with the knowledge of Christ. Our best weapon is prayer and faith in Him. Not just in America but all the world. And if anyone rejects you? Keep on praying and believing that He said that every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord. (romans 14:11)

"for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God." 1 John 4-5

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