Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Last Blog

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! I was thinking about my blog yesterday and what I should write next when I felt in my heart that God was done using me in this avenue. I felt He was telling me to focus on getting my magazine back together for the new year and to focus on getting my books (yes books I have successfully written two Christian novels over the past two years!) published. I just want to thank everyone who read, commented and supported me through this blog journey. I enjoyed passing on what I heard from God as I studied and spent time with Him. I want to thank Lashawn Barber who spoke to my Christian Journalism group and inspired me to start this blog and even though we bumped heads on many issues, I never stopped praying for her and that her walk with Christ is strengthened and blessed. Please go through my back logs of my blog by clicking on the month and year on the left hand side and continue to read and comment on them! I will get the comments and respond back! No blog is too old! I know my blog didn't reach readership and the worldly success of many other blogs but I felt my blog was successful in the sense that I was blessed by e-mails of people telling me how a certain blog I have written helped them in some way or opened their eyes in some way. I know that I am called to reach people through my writing, especially the youth. I also invite everyone to e-mail me for updates about the restoration process of my teen magazine and when my books will be published. I have faith that they will!

Now I just want to end this blog with this last thought: Don't forget about the Bible and hearing from God for yourself. I was reading Enjoying Everday Life Magazine, Joyce Meyer's magazine and she was celebrating that her book, Battlefield of the Mind has sold 2 million copies. There were testimonies of people saying that they don't know what they would've done without the book and how the book changed their lives. Now I am not against buying Christian resources (of course not I want to write myself lol!) But people still have to recognize that all of the answers are in the Word of God and that most Christian books and tapes and preachings all come from the Bible and are clarifications of the scripture, so make sure you don't forget to grab the Bible and read it and hear from God yourself as well. (2 Timothy 3:16)


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