Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Place/Our Place in this World

Pastor Scott Schilder of New Life Christian Church was talking about people's place in this world and how we all have a place that God has for us. This got me thinking about me always knowing my place and purpose. Seriously, as a young child probably 9 or 10 (I became saved and baptized at 8) God sent me a very real vision of me writing and teaching other kids the Word of God. Being so young at first I didn't quite grasp it and yet I did. I knew it was from God however I didn't know exactly what it was. For a time I wanted to become a teacher and a singer and then it evolved into a writer. (But this whole time I always had a love for writing and kept journals, diaries etc.) Knowing your purpose early is a good thing but at the same time it's harder then those who have a hard time finding their purpose because you are filled with impatience and eagerness as you continue wonder when God, when will this happen for me? A couple of years ago I had another vision where God when into specifics with me about exactly what he wanted to happen in my life but He also made it clear to me that I will hinder this manifesting in my life or at least the good timing of it if I didn't get control of my flesh, my emotions and grow more in Him. I had found myself making the same mistakes, lashing out angrily and becoming depressed at every pitfall in my life. My vision was that I was going to publish this young adult book and that I was also going to publish this blog and my ministry is going to jump from there. That book wasn't even written at that time but I am happy to say it is finished and in the process of finding publishers and I have a great peace about it. In the mean time I have been finding myself drawing closer to God and turning to prayer everytime something upsets me in anyway and I find myself stronger and my life better from it.

Anyway the Pastor made some very good clear points today about everyone finding their place and he cited in Genesis 2:8 how God prepared the place before he puts man in it. Just as he fashioned this world before placing man in it. and that He knows that you have a place but you are not in it yet until it's fully prepared and your fully prepared to receive it. How can you be prepared to receive it? Hebrews 11:8 Obedience will bring you to your place. Genesis 22:3,9,14 Passing God's tests will bring you to your place. The closer you get to reaching your place the more trials and tests you will have. This isn't punishment from God but a way for Him to see that you have learned from the Word and What He has spoke into your life and that you are ready to move on. And finally Pastor Schilder had this great quote I think we all should remember when trying to find out purpose: "Walk the path of faith to find the place of promise."

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