Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Reaching out to Muslims

I was listening to the radio when I heard a talkshow talking about CrescentProject.org. Crescent Project is an organization helping Christians witness to Muslims. This intrigued me because many Christians are afraid to witness to Muslims especially with the war going on and politics etc. But we have to remember it says in the Bible that "every knee shall bow"(Romans 14:11) to Jesus. It's not just some here and there but we are all God's children and we need to love everyone. Below is a synopsis of the organization I copied off the website:

"Our vision is to equip the North American Christian community to sensitively share the joy of knowing Christ with their Muslim neighbors. Personal relationships between Christian and Muslim populations are often strained or non-existent because of rampant misunderstandings that lead to fear and distrust. Our goal is to overcome misunderstandings about Islam through education so that Christians take the initiative to build friendships with their Muslim neighbors. Personal relationships open the door for discussion about spiritual issues and personal beliefs. Our approach to witnessing is best summed up by this quote taken from our training seminar:

“Our job is not to make the Muslim a Christian. Our job is to show them [Muslims] the love of Christ.”

For many years most Christians have assumed that Muslims are “too hard” to reach, and that only “experts” can adequately share the gospel with Muslims. We take the opposite view and believe that local congregations have the best opportunity to reach Muslims because they have the best opportunity to build meaningful relationships with them. "

I bolded the quote above because that is so true. The best way to witness to Muslims (and others as well!) is to not try to force the issue. Just let them know that Jesus loves them and put the seed of the word of God into their hearts and I believe the rest will be done by God. So check the website out crescentproject.org and get involved!

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