Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Two Gods?

The biggest division amongst Christians seemed to be the punishment factor of God. In the Bible there seemed to be two different Gods. One, a punishing vengeful God who strikes down those who turn from Him and the forgiving, always loving God who sent His son Jesus to die for the sinner. Out of this came two kinds of Christians, the condemning Christian who feels anyone who leads a life of sin should be reprimanded and deeply punished and the kind Christian who teaches others to welcome sinners with open arms.

There is only one Great God who does love us as a Father, but will punish us like a loving father would punish His wayward children. But I believe that the decisions of people's punishments should be left up to God. I'm thinking of the story of Paul. Paul killed many people just because they were Christian. If it was decided that he was to be put to death then God wouldn't have had His chance to change Paul they way he had. He struck Paul with a blinding light (literally blinding) and told him that He was real and the He was persecuting Him. After God forgave Paul, He didn't put Paul to death but put him to use. Paul was given the ability to teach, heal and cast out demons! Paul is one of the profits in the Bible who we still learn from today. This is an awesome thought that many condemning Christians don't think about!

So what is my point? I believe that people should not condemn one another but leave the decision of punishment or redemption up to God. Also, even if someone is put to death, if they accept Jesus Christ and truly desire Him in their heart, they will go to heaven no matter how bad a crime they committed.

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